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At ReadyCharity, we believe charities are right to demand greater flexibility, functionality and value for money from off-the-shelf digital products. That’s why we’ve built a platform that can be tailored to suit the specific digital requirements of your organisation, now and in the future. 

Below, we’ve answered the questions we get asked most frequently about ReadyCharity - from managing the integration of your existing systems, to the amount of time it usually takes to get your website up and running. 

Do get in touch if there is anything else you'd like to know. We're always happy to have a chat and explore things further.


ReadyCharity is built on the Preside Platform. It’s currently used by over 100 organisations in the charity and membership sectors. It’s tailored to deliver the digital requirements which charities need to support activities including digital fundraising, volunteer management and service delivery.

ReadyCharity is built on the same platform - Preside - which powers the digital capabilities of hundreds of charities, membership organisations and associations. It is recognised as a reliable and stable platform, hosting websites of all sizes, with many high traffic examples.

ReadyCharity is hosted on a multi-datacenter cloud, with Amazon Web Services backed by our 24/7/365 Developer Operations team. 

ReadyCharity offers a new off-the-shelf approach to delivering digital transformation for charities. 

It’s a single solution that provides heavy-hitting functionality across website design, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Email Services and Event Management. In addition to the tools listed, it offers organisations the ability to customise the look and feel of your website, and can integrate with third-party systems you’re already using.

Depending on your requirements, this can range from a few weeks to a few months. The better we understand your individual situation, the better we can estimate the amount of work required to achieve your goals. Do get in touch to find out more.

Dependent on requirements, typical projects start at £30,000 and go upwards with increasing levels of specification.

ReadyMembership can be scaled up to meet your requirements, including the option to develop bespoke functionality, design or additional consultancy services. Find out more about how our in-house team can add value in the pricing section.

Some of our clients have chosen to integrate their existing CRM, before switching to the ReadyCharity CRM later. Others have taken on the ReadyCharity CRM at the start of their project. 

Whatever you choose, there’s no need to worry about integration. It all depends on your requirements.

Yes. We have pre-developed site extensions which can connect your website and email service to Microsoft Dynamics. You can either support your whole team to work using MS Dynamics, or choose a hybrid approach. A hybrid approach enables a few ‘power users’ to use MS Dynamics, while your wider team can use the ReadyCharity CRM.

ReadyCharity stands for flexibility. While all of our tools work seamlessly together, all of the services we offer can be used stand alone too. If you’re unsure which ones you need to cover your requirements, talk to the Pixl8 team.

We are happy to talk technical for those with pressing questions but some key points include:

  • ReadyCharity distills the most common modules that Pixl8 Group deploys into a ready-to-run product. As such, it is well tested and used. 
  • The Preside platform is open source and growing in popularity. As a CMS, it ticks all the boxes of a mid-market solution and so much more.
  • Hosting is delivered by the market leading Amazon Cloud. It is supported by our 24/7/365 Devops team and tested by Pixl8 Group’s cyber consultancy business Trusted Cyber Solutions.

Absolutely, we’d love to show you around the platform and answer any questions you might have about how ReadyCharity can support your charity to achieve your goals.